Nude Comediennes Special: These Funny Girls Will Make You Stand Up!

This little tribute to famous nude comediennes will hopefully tickle more than your funny bone …

Busty Amy Schumer Pops Out A Lush Tit

Busty and brash comedienne Amy Schumer’s star is most definitely on the rise. She’s currently filling movie theatres as the lead of the comedy I Feel Pretty.

But if you want to grab an eyeful of Amy Schumer nudity check out this clip from the 2017 flick Snatched.

The New York City comedienne first won headlines at the Comedy Central roast of Charlie Sheen. The channel went on to commission her own hit show Inside Amy Schumer.

Telling fellow comedienne Ellen DeGeneres about her debut nude scene, Amy joked: “I’m an artist, and I was crafting that moment, and I just thought, I feel like my breast would be out, you know?”

Apparently, she left it out to give crew members who didn’t make the closed set a free eyeful too. Attagirl!

Famous Nude Comediennes – Sarah Silverman Bares Boobs And Bush

nude comediennes sarah silverman
Famous Comedienne Sarah Silverman Nude Tits In The Movie I Smile Back

Sexy Sarah Silverman has proved one of the hottest famous nude comediennes to make us all stand up in recent years!

Her nude scenes in movies such as I Smile Back and Take This Waltz were a genuine surprise.

sarah silverman hot cleavage
Hot Comedieene MILF Sarah Silverman Shows Tasty Cleavage At Movie Premiere

Not that Silverman’s career has been short of shocks or controversy. She honed her outrageous style on the stand-up comedy circuit for many years before getting a big break on Saturday Night Live.

Entertainment Weekly has dubbed her “a bomb-tossing jester in the blasphemous-and-proud-of-it tradition of Lenny Bruce and Howard Stern.”

Sexy Comedienne & SNL Star Tina Fey

sarah palin impersonator tina fey boobs
Saturday Night Live Star Tina Fey Hot Boobs Cleavage From TV Show 30 Rock

Comedienne, writer and actress Tina Fey hasn’t treated us to any nudity yet. But here’s some hot cleavage and boobage from the hit comedy 30 Rock.

Fey created and penned the show. Not really a surprise from someone who became Saturday Night Live‘s first ever female lead writer and the screenwriter of Lindsay Lohan cult hit Mean Girls.

She’s won a hatful of primetime Emmy’s – none more deserving than for her hilarious characterisations of dopey Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin for SNL.

Famous Nude Comediennes – Chelsea Handler Big Tits Exposed In Public

chelsea handler naked comedienne tits in public
Comediemne And Late Night TV Chatshow Host Chelsea Handler Public Nudity

Chelsea Handler has to be the most prolific of nude comediennes. She’s stripped off many times for her hit comedic vehicles like Chelsea Lately and Chelsea Does …

She’s also quite fond of posting selfies in various states of undress on social media.

A cynic might say it’s a way of stoking controversy. Chelsea’s wry takes on popular culture have seen her create a late night comedy chat format that’s made her millions. She’s also netted fortunes from regular stand-up tours.

But busty Chelsea herself has a simpler explanation for her fondness for showing her bits …

“I think nudity is funny, especially when it’s inappropriate,” she says.  Nobody does it more inappropriately than Chelsea … thankfully.

You might also like to check out another former Saturday Night Live star Kristen Wiig nude.


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Lara Croft Nude: Stars Of Tomb Raider Unwrapped

The success of the new 2018 movie Tomb Raider provides a great opportunity for a Lara Croft nude special.

New Lara Croft Nude – Alicia Vikander

Oscar-winning Swedish actress Alicia Vikander takes over the role of the legendary video game heroine Lara Croft.

She brings great verve and not a little sexiness to the part of the athletic and intrepid English archaeologist, travelling the world on the hunt for mystical artefacts.

Any movie-goers new to Alicia Vikander will find quite the treasure trove of celebrity skin in her résumé.

alicia vikander aka lara croft nude
New Swedish Lara Croft Star Alicia Vikander Naked In The Crown Jewels

She stripped nude for The Danish Girl, netting a Best Supporting Actress Oscar in the process. The arty sci-fi flick Ex Machina was another skinfest, as was her regal unwrapping featured here in The Crown Jewels.

Alicia has been a fan of Lara Croft and the various video game incarnations of Tomb Raider since she was 10.

“Lara was not only a woman, but she was extremely fierce, determined and capable. That really drew me to her,” she says.

While critics are raving about Alicia’s portrayal of the hotty heroine, for many of us Angelina Jolie remains the quintessential Lara Croft.

Angelina Jolie: Lara Croft Toon Fantasy

lara croft nude toon sex
Click For More Angelina Jolie Nude Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cartoon Sex Fantasy

Smart, sexy and full of sass Angelina Jolie appeared as the first silver screen Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001. She enjoyed it so much that she also did the 2003 sequel, Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life.

The original Tomb Raider had Lara Croft on the hunt for a relic to control time, while the sequel has her pursuing Pandora’s box before a Chinese crime syndicate can get there first.

lara croft nude aka angelina jolie
Hot Lara Croft Star Angelina Jolie Luscious Big Naked Tits From Gia Gif

Angelina Jolie was first asked to take on the role of Lara Croft not long after winning an Oscar for Girl, Interrupted.

“I thought it was the craziest thing I ever heard,” she recalls. “I mean, I was flattered, but I thought it was ridiculous.”

She doesn’t like video games. “My ex husband (British actor Jonny Lee Miller) used to play Tomb Raider. I would walk by him and say, ‘Oh, look at her breasts’,” Angelina remembers.

Thankfully, she found a lot more to the character than her first impressions. And we got to see Angelina’s own breasts in Lara Croft’s trademark ultra tight cotton tshirts.

Voice Of Lara Croft In RE\Visioned: Tomb Raider Minnie Driver Full Frontal Nude

voice of lara croft minnie driver nude
Actress Minnie Driver Who Voiced Lara Croft In RE\Visioned: Tomb Raider Nude

A ten-part animated series RE\Visioned Tomb Raider was produced in 2007 with some success.

Oscar-nominated actress Minnie Driver voiced Lara Croft. As such, we didn’t get to see the British star squeezing in – or out – of those body-hugging outfits.

To assuage the disappointment, here’s a video clip and some pics of Minnie baring all for her art!

Face And Body Of Lara Croft Lucy Clarkson Seethru Panties Upskirt

lucy clarkson upskirt seethru panties
Face And Body Of Lara Croft British Model Lucy Clarkson Upskirt Seethru Panties

The Tomb Raider franchise has become such a money-spinner that quite a collection of well-known actresses and models have featured as Lara Croft for public events.

Gossip mag favorite, British model Lucy Clarkson, was one of the most lusted after faces and bodies of the game heroine.

Enjoy Lucy here, legs spread and upskirt in seethru panties, caught by the paparazzi during a night out on the town.

Live Action Game Lara Croft Model Rhona Mitra Naked Video Clips And Pics

lara croft nude rhona mitra
Rhona Mitra Tomb Raider II’s Live Action Lara Croft Nude In The Hollow Man

Before any Tomb Raider movie, English actress Rhona Mitra was cast as the first live action Lara Croft in the second generation version of the game.

Seen here baring breasts from an early movie role in the Hollow Man, Rhona’s two-year stint as Lara Croft saw her climb to the top 50 of Maxim’s Hottest 100 Women.

Lara Croft Nude Video Game Model – Nell McAndrew Flaunts It At The Beach

lara croft video game incarnation nell mcandrew
British Glamour Model And TV Personality Nell McAndrew Naked At The Beach

Former glamour model and I’m A Celebrity star Nell McAndrew has had a successful career in the UK as a television presenter.

Her big break almost certainly came courtesy of Lara Croft. Between 1998 and 1999, Nell took on the role of the curvaceous heroine for the blockbuster video game.

Game proudcers Eidos fired her after she posed nude for Playboy. The magazine, indeed, removed references to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider from the cover after a lawsuit threat.

More Faces And Voices Of Lara Croft Nude


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