True Blood Nude Stars: Hottest Sex Scenes Of HBO’s Vampire Hit

true blood nude stars
Hit HBO vampire series True Blood nude stars have kept us aroused through seven seasons. There’s been a lot more to this raunchy blood-sucker romp than nookie with Sookie. Countless others of the show’s sexy cast have joined in stripping off and getting up to steamy sex scenes too! Here’s our top 30 True Blood nude stars.

1: Anna Paquin Nude – True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse Gets Nailed

anna paquin nude by fire in true blood sex sceneChild Oscar winner Anna Paquin is, of course, the hub of the show. Her character Sookie Stackhouse is a part fairy who can read minds. Much of the time those are thinking about stripping her naked or getting her in the sack. Stephen Moyer AKA Bill Compton manages to bed her on a regular basis. The couple famously married in real life, so lucky Steve gets to enjoy sexy Anna Paquin nude off screen too.

2: Lizzy Caplan Nude – Amy Burley

true blood nude stars number 2 lizzy caplanLittle vamp, in more ways than one, Lizzy Caplan was one of True Blood’s wildest girls. Her character Amy Burley is a college dropout who instantly gets the hots for Jason Stackhouse. Lizzy treated us to some memorable sex scenes before she became an eventual victim of serial killer Drew Marshall. Here’s a hot video clip of sexy Lizzy Caplan nude in True Blood.

3. Karolina Wydra Nude – Violet Mazurski Hot Sex Scene Video

true blood star karolina wydra nude sex on car
Polish-American beauty Karolina Wydra was a latecomer to the show. She joined True Blood in the sixth season after making a name in the show House. She wowed audiences and producers enough to make her vampire character Violet Mazurski a seventh season regular. Enjoy more of Karolina Wydra’s nude romps for True Blood.

4. Evan Rachel Wood Nude – Hot Redhead Sophie-Anne Leclerq

sexy true blood star evan rachel woodSexy redhead Evan Rachel Wood was a great addition to the True Blood nude stars cast. She came with a rich resume of movies and TV credits such as The Ides Of March and Mildred Pierce. Her True Blood character Sophie-Anne Leclerq was the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. She eventually meets a sticky end thanks to Bill Compton. Talking of sticky ends, here’s a hot video clip of sexy redhead Evan Rachel Wood nude humping in Charlie Countryman.

5. Lynn Collins Nude – Dawn Green

true blood star lynn collins nipslipSexy actress Lynn Collins had a short run in the first season of True Blood. An unabashed ‘fangbanger’, her waitress character Dawn Green enjoys some hot action with Sookie’s brother, Jason Stackhouse and with toothy Eric Northman. She is eventually murdered by serial killer Rene Lenier. Check out all sexy True Blood star Lynn Collins’ nude scenes.

6. Kelly Overton Nude – Rikki Naylor

nude true blood star kelly overton oral sexSome True Blood nude stars are more equal than others. It’s all a matter of taste, of course. But for me Kelly Overtun has the sweetest little butt of any True Blood actress. She plays recurring character Rikki Naylor in seasons 5 and 6. Rikki is a werewolf, not a vampire. Like dogs, werewolves probably do a lot of butt checking. In Kelly’s case, I’ll happily lend a hand! Enjoy all hot Kelly Overton’s nude scenes.

7. Natasha Alam Nude – Dancer Yvetta

natasha alam true blood star nudeThere are not many famous faces from Uzbekistan. Looking at stunning Natasha Alam, somebody needs to go and look for more! Leggy Natasha joined True Blood in season 3 as exotic dance Yvetta at the club Fangtasia. She manages to escape a bloody end, leaving the show after an eventual dispute over money. Get a fix of all Natasha Alam’s hot nude scenes.

8. Anna Camp Nude – Sarah Newlin

true blood star anna camp hot titsSexy Anna Camp plays the part of Sarah Newlin, televangelist Steve Newlin’s ex wife through three seasons of True Blood. Her character has a fling with Jason Stackhouse, establishes a vampire concentration camp and her blood proves to contain the cure for Hep-V. Anna is last seen locked in the basement of vampire nightclub Fangtasia. Enjoy all cute Anna Camp’s nude and sex scenes.

9. Tiffany Taylor Nude – Nan’s Fangbanger Exposed

true blood star ex playmate tiffany taylorSexy former Playmate turned actress Tiffany Taylor had a short-lived role in True Blood as Nan’s ‘Fanbanger. In more familar language, she was an escort servicing vampire rights activist and American Vampire League spokeswoman Nan Flanagan. In return for hot sex and the occasional nibble, Tiffany gets her feet worshipped. Enjoy a few more hot nude pics of Tiffany Taylor.

10. Michelle Forbes Nude – Maryann Forrester Gets A Banging

true blood star michelle forbes nude sex sceneHot brunette Michelle Forbes played Maryann Forrester, a Maenad sworn to destroy all of Bon Temps. She put together a mini-army of followers. Preying on naive youths, Maryanne’s victims include Tara Thornton and ‘Eggs’. She also takes Sam Merlotte’s virginity before he robs her. Sookie, Sam and Bill eventually join forces to destroy her. Check out all Michelle Forbes nude scenes.

11. Deborah Ann Woll Nude – Jessica Hamby Finally Gives It Up

true blood star nude deborah ann wollSexy redhead Deborah Ann Woll played long-running teen vampire Jessica Hamby. Like most teenagers, she’s trouble. Bill Compton turned her when she was just 17. That made her his responsibility and recurring headache. She bangs both Hoyt Fortenberry and his best friend Jason Stackhouse. Check out Deborah Ann Woll’s long-awaited first nude scenes.

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