Christmas Celebrity Nudity: Favorite Festive Stars Unwrapped

Tits the season to be jolly and unwrap ourselves the best of Christmas celebrity nudity! So let’s savour a little celeb skin tastier than any turkey has to offer …

Gretchen Mol In Santa Hat As Bettie Page

christmas celebrity nudity with gretchen mol nude
Gretchen Mol Nude Except For Santa Hat As The Notorious Betty Page

Sexy Gretchen Mol gave us plenty of nude treats when she took on the acclaimed biopic The Notorious Bettie Page. But none were more memorable than this festive flash of fulsome celebrity skin.

Gretchen recreates an unforgettable Bettie Page shoot, where the legendary pin-up is totally nude except for a Santa hat and shiny bauble. Jingle balls, indeed!

Reality TV Star Courtney Stoddern Gives Horny Father Christmas An Eyeful

courtney stoddern in underwear with santa
Click For More Pics Of Reality Star Courtney Stoddern Looking For Santa’s Sack

Reality TV star Courtney Stoddern first hit the headlines when she appeared with actor husband Doug Hutchinson on the VH1 TV show Couples Therapy.

The pair originally married when he was 51 and she was just 16. They eventually divorced, but carried on living together. A remarriage and second separation have followed. But they still live in the same house!

Talking of houses, Courtney Stoddern also appeared as a contestant on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother. In 2015, a solo sex tape was released of her. You can catch the full uncensored version, along with many more celebrity sex tapes, from our friends over at Vivid Celebs.

Christmas Celebrity Nudity – Greta Scacchi Slips Out Of Her Santa Suit

greta scacchu santa suit strip
Sexy Actress Greta Scacchi Sheds Santa Suit To Get Nude In The Coca Cola Kid

Anglo-Italian actress Greta Scacchi proved the posh totty star of movies like White Mischief and Heat And Dust. But she also took leading roles in American-based films like Presumed Innocent and the source of this special Christmas celebrity nudity treat.

In 1995, a young Great Scacchi starred in The Coca Cola Kid. Marketing executive Eric Roberts falls head over heels for her after she strips out of a Santa suit to show him her buxom baubles and tight booty.

Christmas Celebrity Nudity – Michelle Monaghan Strips In Festive Outfit

michelle monaghan stripping out of christmas outfit
Michelle Monaghan Stripping Out Of Christmas Outfit In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Gone Baby Gone star Michelle Monaghan made her only nude scene to date in this hot Christmas scene from the black comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Michelle plays the former high school obsession of con man Robert Downey Jr. Pretending to be an actor, he ends up stalking her and in this rare scene of Michelle Monagan stripping out of a Santa suit, he catches a glimpse of both her cherries and sweet buns.

Christmas Celebrity Nudity – Scream Queen Debbie Rochon Santa Claws Nude

debbie rochon nude in the christmas horror santa claws
Scream Queen Debbie Rochon Stalked & Stripped In Xmas Shocker Santa Claws

Nothing like a horror movie to scare your girlfriend out of her pants at Christmas. Santa Claws is one of those slasher movies with tongue firmly in cheek that scream queen Debbie Rochon seems to excel at.

She plays a horror movie actress, much like herself, who is stalked by a deranged serial killer fan. Wandering the streets of New York in a Santa suit, the crazed Kris Kringle is putting together his dream Christmas tree, decorated with the body parts of his victims!

Christmas Vacation Gets A Porn Parody

christmas vacation porn parody
Christmas Vacation With Chevy Chase And Beverly D’Angelo Gets A Porn Parody

The quirky comedy Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo is always a decent watch over the festive season. It’s become a bit of a classic, in fact.

That honour is truly cemented for any movie when they immortalise it with a porn parody. Of course, they have done that for Christmas Vacation. Indeed, it’s quite a good one. Enjoy this hot video clip and … Merry Christmas!


Gretchen Mol Naked Birthday Wishes On November 8: Happy Returns To Bettie Page Biopic Star

Gretchen Mol naked as the day she was born on 8 November 1972 seems the perfect birthday gift. For us, at least! But don’t think Gretchen should mind either. She’s forever young here … firm breasted, tight butted and in her prime. Let’s get things started then with a little video homage of Gretchen’s hottest nude scenes.

Gretchen Mol Naked Birthday Video

Deep River, Connecticut, is where Gretchen Mol took her first breaths. She is the daughter of a school principal dad and an artist mom. Katharine Hepburn was born just a few miles away. The Big Apple was only a short train journey down the road. Stage-struck Gretchen had already moved there by her teens. She studied acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and at the William Esper Studio.

Gretchen Mol’s Modelling Career Start

actress gretchen mol sexy modelling
Click Image For More Of Birthday Girl Gretchen Mol Sexy Modelling Shoot Pics

Though a little short for modelling at 5’6″, Gretchen’s beauty won through. She helped finance her way through acting school by magazine shoots. Whenever that work was scarce, she moonlighted as a Manhattan restaurant hat-check girl.

Good job she did! It was while working there that Gretchen was spotted by a talent scout. He got her a first gig in a Coca-Cola commercial. Stage work followed. Spike Lee gave her a movie debut in Girl 6. More meaty roles followed in Woody Allen’s Celebrity and opposite Johnny Depp in the quirky Donnie Brasco.

Breakout Role Playing Iconic Bettie Page

pin-up legend bettie page shows her pussy
Click For Pin-Up Legend Bettie Page At Her Most Explicit Legs And Pussy Spread

Gretchen Mol’s real breathrough came in 2004 thanks to pin-up legend Bettie Page. Suddenlt gone were the blonde locks. And so were all of her clothes. Repeatedly! In The Notorious Bettie Page, Gretchen appears many times in her birthday suit. The movie was a classy little biopic and earned Gretchen rave reviews.

Gretchen Mol Naked In Boardwalk Empire

gretchen mol naked in boardwalk empire
Click For Gretchen Mol Getting Down To Her Birthday Suit In Boardwalk Empire

Gretchen has had fairly high profile roles in moves like the western 3:10 To Yuma and the Oscar-winning Manchester By The Sea. But, ironically, her most high profile parts over the past decade have come in hit TV series. She took leading roles in the likes of Chance, Mozart In The Jungle and Life On Mars.

It’s in the runaway HBO hit Boardwalk Empire that we have been treated to the best gogglebox views of Gretchen Mol nude. She played Gillian Darmody, an ex Cafe Beaux-Arts showgirl, prostitute and madame of The Artemis Club brothel in Atlantic City. Gillian has a shocking backstory. Her son Jimmy Darmody was conceived after she was raped by local boss, Commodore Louis Kaestner. Her character wasn’t even 13 at the time …