Celebrity Lesbian Co-Stars Amanda Seyfried & Julianne Moore Share Dec 3 Birthday

It’s quite a coincidence that the two stars of one of the hottest celebrity lesbian movies ever share a birthday.

Both Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore are blowing out the candles on December 3. The fiery Sagittarians were blowing each other more than kisses in the Sapphically charged flick Chloe.

Celebrity Lesbian Scenes From Chloe

Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried was just 24 when Chloe was made. She plays the eponymous leading lady, an escort hired by Julianne Moore to seduce a husband she suspects is cheating.

The movie, directed by Atom Egoyan, is a remake of the 2003 French thriller Natalie. Gallic beauty Emmanuelle Beart took the lead in that one.

It’s not Julianne Moore’s husband (Liam Neeson) who proves a cheat. Aroused by Chloe’s false stories about their encounters, Julianne Moore’s character ends up starting a hot lesbian affair with Chloe.

Amanda Seyfried Nude In Biopic Lovelace

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Amanda Seyfried has not been shy in baring all for her art. But she finds doing sex scenes more difficult.

“It is not the type of scene any actor is ever comfortable doing. Any kind of intimacy is strange. It is not your partner. I don’t know what goes through my mind when I do these scenes,” Amanda says.

She trusted in director Atom Egoyan, steamily rolling about naked and sliding her fingers between Julianne Moore’s legs.

Julianne Moore Celebrity Lesbian Romp

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Though they share a birthday, Oscar winner Julianne Moore was 49 when she shot Chloe. The sexy redhead plays a gynecologist who certainly gives co-star Amanda Seyfried a thorough examination.

At twice Amanda Seyfried’s age, Julianne wasn’t at all nervous about their raunchy lesbian coupling.

“Whenever you have an intimate scene with something you’re very very prepared, no matter what it is. Everyone knows exactly what’s happening. If you’re lucky, you’re very familiar with the actor by the time you shoot it.”

“Amanda and I had been working together and had done most of our stuff at that point, so we were comfortable with each other,” she says.

Oscar Winner Julianne Moore Hot Sex

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There was a lot more eroticism to the love scenes than those Julianne shot for the classic porn industry oeuvre Boogie Nights.

Julianne’s character manages to resist an attempt by Amanda Seyfriend to kiss her earlier in the movie. But by the time they later meet up at a hotel, the horny gynecologist ends up begging the callgirl to touch her the way she does her husband.

“Everything we had to do was very nuanced and slow. It’s about people kind of building trust in each other and allowing each other to take this pretty far,” Julianne says.

“Amanda never got ahead of the material ever. She was always very very present, like I said, very receptive, very much available too … which was quite impressive to me.”

To us too, believe me! Happy birthday, ladies, and thanks for the mammaries!

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Charlize Theron Lesbian Sex Scenes Light Up Atomic Blonde

Movie audiences are lapping up Charlize Theron lesbian sex scene in the new thriller Atomic Blonde. The girl-girl love angle and steamy nudity have electrified this adaptation of the graphic novel, The Coldest City.

Charlize Theron Lesbian Sex Scene Video

Charlize plays Lorraine Broughton. She’s a fearless and stunning British spy,  the best M16 has to offer.

All her lethal skills are needed on an impossible mission to retrieve a vital list of double agents as the Berlin Wall is about to fall.

Lorraine’s love interest in the novel is a guy. They are never shown actually having sex.

Screenwriter Kurt Johnstad had an idea to change all that. The movie is set in 1989. Attitudes to sexuality are a-changing. He suggested to Charlize Theron that he make her character’s lover a woman.  She jumped at the idea.

Beautiful actress Sofia Boutella was cast as Delphine Lasalle. She’s a French spy who falls head over heels for Charlize’s badass British one.

Charlize Theron Never Shy Of Nude Scenes

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Oscar winner Charlize has never balked at nude scenes. She stripped for her breakthrough role in 2 Days In The Valley and she’s bared all many times since.

Naturally, much of the promotion for Atomic Blonde has played up the raunchy Charlize Theron lesbian sex scenes.

“It’s all there. We’re pushing the envelope. Maybe people watching it are comfortable with that or maybe it makes them uncomfortable. And that’s good,” writer Kurt Johnstad argues.

Director David Leitch says the relationship with Delphine Lasalle allowed him to show Broughton’s softer side. She thought she had lost it. But Delphine’s vulnerability helps the cynical spy rediscover her humanity.

Charlize Theron Naked Spy Toon Fantasy

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Charlize Theron argues that making badass Lorraine Broughton bisexual fit perfectly.

“It just suited her. It just felt there was a way through that relationship and the fact that it was a same-sex relationship to show a woman not having to fall in love, which is one of those female tropes. It’s a woman. She better fall in love – otherwise, she’s a whore! ” Charlize says.

She argues it made the part refreshing and satisfying. And she thinks Sofia  Boutella was a perfect find to play Delphine Lasalle.

There may be a few more Charlize Theron lesbian sex scenes yet as Lorraine Broughton. A sequel is already being contemplated.


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