Top Five Ever Naked Bond Girls

The votes are in and our friends at Mr Skin have announced the most popular five naked Bond Girls ever to shed all for their art. These 007 hottie legends have all got undressed to thrill!

Voted The Top Five Naked Bond Girls

At number five, we kick off with American actress and model Barbara Bach. She has probably become best known in recent years as the wife of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Bond fans remember her as sultry love interest Anya Amasova opposite Roger Moore in The Spy Who Loved Me. Codenamed ‘Triple X’, she starts out as a competitor to Bond to retrieve stolen microfilms for a submarine tracking system. But they end up cooperating professionally and between the sheets. Barbara went on to do several nude scenes. None were more exciting or unexpected than those in this clip from 1977’s Der Supertyp. She bares plenty of 1970s retro bush in some awesome full frontal action.

No.4 Naked Bond Girl … Kim Basinger

Oscar winning star Kim Basinger comes in at number 4 as a somewhat unofficial Bond Girl. She resurrected the role of Domino (a Bond Girl who first appeared in 1965 movie Thunderball) in Sean Connery’s short-lived return to 007 in 1983’s Never Say Never Again. It was a breakthrough role for her which put her on the road to superstar-dom. Her Domino character leaves Bond wanting to hang up his Walther PPK and settle down with her in domestic bliss. Or maybe, he wanted to be like Mickey Rourke in this classic scene from 9 1/2 Week and hump himself crazy.

No.3 Naked Bond Girl … Olga Kurylenko

Ukraine-born actress Olga Kurylenko played French spy Camille Montes in the 2008 Bond instalment Quantum Of Solace. She eventually joins forces with new 007 Daniel Craig to take out some baddies in revenge for the murder of her family. Olga has become one of the most successful European actresses in Hollywood since her Bond Girl days and treated us to no end of hot nudity. Enjoy these video clips from a few of the best of them!

No.2 Naked Bond Girl … Eva Green

Coming in as runner-up is boobs to-die-for star Eva Green. She plays sexy Vesper Lynd opposite Daniel Craig in the 2006 remake of Casino Royale. She saves Bond from villain Le Chiffre, but eventually pays with her own life. French-born Eva has treated us to some truly unforgettable nude scenes in movies like Sin City: A Dame To Kill For and tv shows such as Camelot. None, however, are quite as amazing as the explicit pussy lips scene from French movie The Dreamers. Enjoy!

No.1 Naked Bond Girl … Ursula Andress

bond girl legend ursula andress full frontal nude
Number One Bond Girl, The One And Only Ursula Andress Nude

It couldn’t really be anyone else! Voted the number one favorite all-time Bond Girl is the one who started it all off. Swiss beauty Ursula Andress spoke such poor English when she appeared in the first ever Bond movie Dr No in 1962 that they actually dubbed her vocals. But the one thing they didn’t need a stand-in for was Ursula’s dressed to thrill body. From the moment she emerged from the sea in dripping wet white bikini with hefty knife strapped to her side, a new genre of sex symbols was born. Ursula went on to treat us to much more of her curvaceous figure in several, mainly European movies. Enjoy this glimpse of her in totally nude action!

Not Placed But Given A Nudeceleblog Special Mention … Rosamund Pike

She didn’t make it to the official top five, but we have got to award a Nudeceleblog special runner-up mention to Rosamund Pike. Star of the blockbuster hit thriller Gone Girl and the Jack Reacher movies, Rosamund starred as sexy M16 double agent and cheating Olympic fencing champion opposite Pierce Brosnan in 2002’s Die Another Day. She’s the type of well-spoken English rose actress that we never really expected to see much nudity or raunch from. You know what they say? Never judge a book by its cover. Sexy Rosamund has gone on to do some awesome nude scenes in a variety of movies, not least this sneak peak from A Private War where she shows both buns and backburger!

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