Gretchen Mol Naked Birthday Wishes On November 8: Happy Returns To Bettie Page Biopic Star

Gretchen Mol naked as the day she was born on 8 November 1972 seems the perfect birthday gift. For us, at least! But don’t think Gretchen should mind either. She’s forever young here … firm breasted, tight butted and in her prime. Let’s get things started then with a little video homage of Gretchen’s hottest nude scenes.

Gretchen Mol Naked Birthday Video

Deep River, Connecticut, is where Gretchen Mol took her first breaths. She is the daughter of a school principal dad and an artist mom. Katharine Hepburn was born just a few miles away. The Big Apple was only a short train journey down the road. Stage-struck Gretchen had already moved there by her teens. She studied acting at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and at the William Esper Studio.

Gretchen Mol’s Modelling Career Start

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Though a little short for modelling at 5’6″, Gretchen’s beauty won through. She helped finance her way through acting school by magazine shoots. Whenever that work was scarce, she moonlighted as a Manhattan restaurant hat-check girl.

Good job she did! It was while working there that Gretchen was spotted by a talent scout. He got her a first gig in a Coca-Cola commercial. Stage work followed. Spike Lee gave her a movie debut in Girl 6. More meaty roles followed in Woody Allen’s Celebrity and opposite Johnny Depp in the quirky Donnie Brasco.

Breakout Role Playing Iconic Bettie Page

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Gretchen Mol’s real breathrough came in 2004 thanks to pin-up legend Bettie Page. Suddenlt gone were the blonde locks. And so were all of her clothes. Repeatedly! In The Notorious Bettie Page, Gretchen appears many times in her birthday suit. The movie was a classy little biopic and earned Gretchen rave reviews.

Gretchen Mol Naked In Boardwalk Empire

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Gretchen has had fairly high profile roles in moves like the western 3:10 To Yuma and the Oscar-winning Manchester By The Sea. But, ironically, her most high profile parts over the past decade have come in hit TV series. She took leading roles in the likes of Chance, Mozart In The Jungle and Life On Mars.

It’s in the runaway HBO hit Boardwalk Empire that we have been treated to the best gogglebox views of Gretchen Mol nude. She played Gillian Darmody, an ex Cafe Beaux-Arts showgirl, prostitute and madame of The Artemis Club brothel in Atlantic City. Gillian has a shocking backstory. Her son Jimmy Darmody was conceived after she was raped by local boss, Commodore Louis Kaestner. Her character wasn’t even 13 at the time …


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Incredible Hulk Stars Nude: You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Horny

Any nude stars of Incredible Hulk movies tribute isn’t about to take too long. Female characters in the two big Hollywood adaptations of the Marvel Comics angry man series are pretty thin on the ground. But the green fella is served up a tasty dish for the love interest of each movie.

Busty Hulk Star Jennifer Connelly Shows Her Marvellous Mams In Motion

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Busty star Jennifer Connelly plays Betty Ross, the sexy ex girlfriend of brilliant but brooding Dr. Bruce Banner in the 2003 adaptation Hulk. She is also Banner’s former research partner. Betty broke things up after a dream about him hunting her.

Banner (Eric Bana) still loves Betty, of course. And the film is laced with repressed romantic and sexual tension, given vent by Banner’s frequent transformations into the shirt busting alter ego The Hulk. Our friends over at Famous Comics imagine some hot Jennifer Connelly fantasy sex where things aren’t so repressed!

Incredible Hulk XXX Porn Parody Movie

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You’d be angry too if you grew ten times bigger and your skimpies stayed the same size! In this X-rated parody of the Hulk, the big chap gets around that little problem by shedding his boxers too. The girls don’t seem to mind the green man’s added girth! Since it comes from our friends over at Vivid, this glossy parody has some impressively high production values.

Leading Lady Of The Incredible Hulk Liv Tyler Naked Skin Video

In the 2008 sequel The Incredible Hulk, Edward Norton’s Banner is served up the liptastic Liv Tyler as his love interest. Tyler’s version of Betty Ross ends up more doe-eyed than Jennifer Connelly when Bannon gets sucked back in to her life. She has a new boyfriend and is making at moving on. But, of course, she hasn’t.

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Liv Tyler was a fan of the TV Hulk show with Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. She accepted the offer to play Betty Ross without even reading a script. Tyler and Norton spent ages discussing a back story of Bruce and Betty’s life before he became the Hulk. Liv described her character as “a deer caught in headlights” from the shock of having Bruce back in her life.

Kinky Hulk In Avengers Fantasy

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Of course, The Hulk has gone on to be an in and out character of Marvel’s The Avengers series. Check out our friends over at Famous Comics if you’d like to see some toon Hulk action you won’t get treated to in the cinema!

Don’t forget to visit our Superhero Movie Stars section for more hot Marvel Comics celeb action.


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Fast Times At Ridgemont High: Nude Scenes From The Classic Teen Movie

Fast Times At Ridgemont High was a seminal movie in so many ways. It helped launch the careers of a whole bunch of later big name actors. They include Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sean Penn, Phoebe Cates, Judge Reinhold, Eric Stoltz, Nicolas Cage, Forest Whitaker and Anthony Edwards. But for most of us, it’s best remembered for containing some of the most iconic teen celebrity nude scenes!

Fast Time At Ridgemont High Famous Nude Scenes – Jennifer Jason Leigh

jennifer jason leigh nude fast times at ridgemont high
Classic Teen Jennifer Jason Leigh Nude Scene From Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Oscar nominated actress Jennifer Jason Leigh was just 19 when she won the part of Stacy Hamilton in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Jen has done plenty of nude scenes since in movies such as Single White Female and Last Exit To Brooklyn. But her Fast Times At Ridgemont High scenes were arguably her most shamelessly gratuitous. She was showing her tits to, um, tittilate. And it most definitely worked!

She plays a 15-year-old sophomore virgin who’s pretending she’s 19. She wants sex! She blushes simulating a blowjob on a carrot in the school cafeteria after a bunch of guys start clapping.

Stacy looses her virginity to an older stereo salesman with an unsatisfying hump in a softball dugout. She figures there’s gotta be more to sex and focuses laser-like on getting it.

Jennifer Jason Leigh’s subsequent attempts at seduction are a tantalising mix of awkwardness and arousal. Exactly like the first sexual fumblings for most of us, in other words! Jen’s attempts to get what she wants sends one spotty suitor running when she flashes him the goods. Another pops his load about five seconds after he penetrates her. Poor Stacy!

Fast Times At Ridgemont High Nudity: The Legendary Phoebe Cates Pool Scene

Phoebe Cates nude scene in Fast Times At Ridgemont High is probably the most celebrated helping of celebrity skin from any teen movie. Phoebe plays all-american gal Linda Barrett. Unlike her gauche best friend Jennifer Jason Leigh, Linda is the supremely confident homecoming queen type. Guys love her and she knows it!

The one Phoebe Cates scene everybody remembers we include here as there’s plenty of us who never tire of seeing it! Few guys can have failed to dream something similar after a visit to the pool.

Judge Reinhold, who plays Jennifer Jason Leigh’s brother, is peeking on Phoebe at the pool. He’s in the bathroom perving out the window one minute, and the next sitting on the toilet jerking himself off.

He fantasizes Phoebe climbs out of the pool, drippping wet and walking towards him in slow motion.  As she climbs the steps, we get a close-up of her purring seductively: “Hi, Brad, you know how cute I always thought you were …”

By this point, old Judge is yanking it like crazy on the bog. Cut to fantasy of him standing in a dinner suit by the pool as Phoebe slowly approaches. She undoes her bra, revealing her beautiful boobs. While Judge is getting ready to pop his load, we cut to the real Phoebe. She dives in the pool, climbs out and asks Jennifer Jason Leigh if she has any Q-tips because she has got water in her ears. Jen says she should check in the house.

We know what’s coming next! As a dripping wet Phoebe opens the bathroom door, Judge Reinhold is beating his meat like a jockey going for the finishing line. He jumps to get caught. Phoebe’s shocked hand over her mouth, meanwhile, is a perfect exclamation mark on which to end the scene.

Back in 1982 when Fast Times At Ridgement High was out, it was the age of VHS video. You could tell how many times the Phoebe Cates scene had been paused by the fact so many copies were distorted at the juicy bits!

Fast Times At Ridgemont High Porn Parody: Hardcore Tribute

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They say no movie has made it to legendary status until they have made a porn parody of it. Of course, Fast Times At Ridgemont High has one. It’s pretty explicit, so if you’re easily shocked don’t check out the video clip above!

Fast Times Supporting Cast Hot Nudity

Screenwriter Cameron Crowe went undercover at Clairemont High School in San Diego to get inspiration for the coming-of-age teen classic. It clearly worked. In 2005, Fast Times At Ridegemont High was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress. It’s an honour reserved only for movies deemed “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.” Unforgettable nude scenes don’t hurt either!


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Famous Mother And Daughters Part 1 – Busty Susan Sarandon And Eva Amurri Martino Nude

Seeing some famous mother and daughters nude, you wouldn’t know they ever swam in the same gene pool. But with others, like Hollywood legend Susan Sarandon and her sexy daughter Eva Amurri Martino, the familial similarities slap you right between the eyes!

There can’t be a bustier pair of celeb mom and daughters than Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri Martino. Them apples certainly didn’t fall far from the tree!

Famous Mom Susan Sarandon Nude

Oscar winner, long-time political activist and feminist Susan Sarandon has had a pleasantly liberal attitude to showing her goodies. Way back in 1970, she first showed skin in her debut arthouse movie Joe. Probably the gold star for Susan Sarandon titties remains the 1978 classic Pretty Baby, however. That baby sure as hell didn’t go hungry!

Famous Daughter Eva Amurri Martino

eva amurri martino stripping in californication
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Eva Amurri (the Martino came from her marriage to soccer player Kyle Martino) has even bigger tits than her mum! She’s airing them here in an awesome scene from the hit Showtime TV show Californication. Eva played a student stripper who becomes the girlfriend of central character Hank Moody in season 3.

Eva Amurri Martino has not had quite as glittering career as her Hollywood royalty mom thus far. But she took the lead in the 2008 movie Middle Of Nowhere and she has appeared in hit TV showws such as House and How I Met Your Mother.

Famous Mother & Daughter Side By Side

Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri Martino have also appeared side by side quite a few times in acting roles. Eva gets slapped by her mom in the season 7 Friends episode ‘The One With Joey’s New Brain’. In 2012, they both played the part of the character Mary McGarricle (young and older) in the movie That’s My Boy. But there can’t ever have been a more apt title for any famous mother and daughter movie than The Banger Sisters. The pair played fictional mom and daughter. Neither showed their bangers in it. But another movie legend, Goldie Hawn, did!


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