Eva Mendes Needs A Stiff One To Get Through Hot Nude Sex Scene

Eva Mendes nude
Latin Superstar Eva Mendes Nude While Denzil Washington Watches Gif

After a career in modelling where she was not afraid to go nude for her art, and this brief totally nude scene from Training Day with Denzel Washington, you might think a little nudity and a gritty simulated fumble might be an easy day’s work for latin superstar Eva Mendes. It didn’t turn out that way, though, when director James Gray came to shoot the raunchy opening scene of the movie We Own The Night. He had delayed shooting the scene til very late in the schedule. Eva was incredibly nervous and, for the first time in his career, the director suggested his leading actress take a drink to calm her nerves. Playing the sexy girlfriend of nightclub manager Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix), Eva was supposed to open the movie with a scene featuring partial nudity in which she gets fingered by Phoenix’s character.

“Thank God that James shot it at the end of the film so I had a great rapport with Joaquin at that point. And I trusted them. I’ve certainly never shot anything as intimate before. It was really hard,” Eva admitted. She took the director’s advice of having a vodka and orange. It was the first and only time she had taken alcohol while working. “I was actually crying because it was really hard for me to get there. And I told James and he said ‘How can I help you?’ And he was really patient. I said, “I guess there is just that little Catholic girl inside me that I didn’t know was still there,” Eva recalled.

Eva Warns Mom & Dad Not To Watch Her Steamy Nude Sex Scene With Co-star

The steamy scene begins with Eva lying on a couch masturbating in front of Joaquin Phoenix, who kneels beside her and pulls down her dress to give a flash of Mendes’ right tit and nipple. He then sucks her breast before slipping a hand between her legs to bury his fingers. Director James Gray told her it was time to send the little Catholic girl packing and do her job. He said she was an artist now. “I think it was a combination of that and the vodka. It was like ‘God, you are right. What am I doing? This is the job.’ It was a major moment of growth,” Eva says.

“But it was very difficult. If you have to hit somebody you fake it, you’re not really going to do it. But if somebody is fondling your private parts, there’s no faking what you’re seeing on screen. You sit there and think ‘Oh my God, that’s really happening. And you can’t get it out of your head. Like … my dad can’t see this movie, my mum can’t see this movie! I’ve told them when they see it they have to get there 15 minutes late so they miss that scene,” Eva confessed.

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