Rebecca Gayheart Topless Candids

Rebecca Gayheart, topless, candids, oopsRebecca Gayheart, topless, candids, oopsRebecca Gayheart, topless, candids, oops

Rebecca Gayheart isn’t shy by any means. Shes definitely has no problem with her perky tits being revealed while she sparks up a conversation. Brushing her hair, taking photos and chatting it up with other people sitting near by. Maybe its the impact that the deep blue ocean and crisp fresh air has on people. What do you think?? Or maybe shes just a hot slut like all of the other Daytime Divas of today. I think personally I’m going to go with idea two.These sunglasses that she has on makes her appear much older than she really is. I see tons of hot stars wearing them but I just don’t get the fashion statement in it. Do you? Unless maybe its for the Ugliest Accessory of the Year Award. But I really don’t think it matters what Rebecca Gayheart is wearing with a body like that. Shes definitely yummy looking.

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